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In the movie “A Prayer For Compassion” a man named Sailesh Krishna Rao mentions the acronym LOVE represents Local Organic Vegan Eating. We are using this with permission from Dr. Rao.

mission statement

Identify and highlight positive lifestyle factors that have been scientifically proven to prevent and treat illnesses as part of Lifestyle Medicine®. In addition to keeping people well, encouragement will be given to becoming as healthy and happy as possible. We are a 100% vegan organization.


Continually and adequately convey Lifestyle Medicine® truths related to nutrition, exercise, stress, community social support, known carcinogens ( ex. tobacco use, alcohol consumption, non-organic food, etc ), and other categories as new knowledge is obtained. These communications will take place primarily through existing social networks founded and developed by, and also at live events organized by this same non-profit. Our organization logo will also be utilized to highlight best practices that are known to benefit humans via Lifestyle Medicine®.


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