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We are raising awareness and advocating for the use of food as medicine. Click to learn more.


We are always on the move and acquiring information on how food can help heal. We share it with you on our Youtube channel. Click to view.

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Meet Mike Young. He founded APlantBasedDiet in 2014. Click to read the whole origin story.

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None of this would be possible without the fantastic board members, selfless team and partners.


Mike Young


Mike is just an ordinary guy with a passion for human health! He has always taken interest in wondering why so many people suffer from chronic poor health conditions, many of which end up making folks lives miserable and lead to untimely death. Mike always tends to do things a little bit differently than most folks and never stops questioning.

Denise Young

Denise began her non-profit leadership work as the President of her COA. She leads projects and analyses financial data as a Senior Systems Analyst at Freddie MAC. Denise began her Plant-based journey after Mike encouraged her to read The China Study in 2017. Denise lost her beloved Aunt and Grandmother to diabetes and watched several family members struggle with breast cancer. She’s committed to educating people about a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t exploit animals and is better for the environment. Since switching to a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, Denise has lost 20 pounds, has resumed running and recently won first place in her age group in a competitive 5K!

Kathy Reynaert–Randall

Kathy Reynaert–Randall has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and is the mother of six healthy, plant – strong grown children. She’s been a whole food plant strong nutrition educator since 1978. She is also a certified “CHIP” Complete Health Improvement Program Facilitator and Area Developer for CHIP in the State of Florida and a certified Food for Life instructor with PCRM. Kathy teaches principles of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE which encourage a whole food plant strong lifestyle along with daily exercise, lots of water and stress reduction. At this event you will learn simple lifestyle principles of weight management and hear from several successful local residents who have employed these principles to win the battle of the bulge.



Director of Fitness & Health

Lifestyle & Fitness Coach with a speciality in helping busy professionals with high stress levels overhaul their lifestyles on a limited schedule. After a near death scare with two unexplained  blood clots, and pulmonary embolism I was inspired to grow my knowledge in plant based wellness. Since turning away from doctors, and healing in 16 month my vision is to help educate, and inspire on the possibilities of living both PLANT BASED and STRONG!

Dr. Brian Taschner

Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Food Certification

Dr. Taschner has been practicing Cardiology in his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida since 2005. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Florida where he was accepted into the Junior Honors Medical Program, and later graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1998. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Virginia Commonwealth University where he served as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine, and subsequently completed his Cardiology Fellowship at Saint Louis University where he was the Chief Cardiology Fellow.

Brad Talbott

Co-Director of Animal Rights

Brad Talbott is an avid musician and Fort Myers Organizer for the international Anonymous for the Voiceless movement. Brad has helped organize public art demonstrations along with others around the state of Florida in order to educate the public about the positive effects a plant based diet can have on your health, the environment, and the animals we share this planet with. He has had experience with hosting musical events as President of music club at Florida Gulf Coast University in addition to hosting and assisting local open mic nights throughout the community.

Justin Clark

Co-Director of Animal Rights

Justin is the co-founder of the Fort Myers Anonymous for the Voiceless Chapter. Anonymous for the Voiceless is an organization that hosts public demonstrations in which its members show the public videos of factory farming conditions and have conversations with the public about the subject of animal rights. Justin has been helping members of the public reach a vegan conclusion in their thought process about animals since November of 2017. In order to increase his effectiveness in creating a kinder world for animals, Justin has attended numerous academic trainings and lectures spanning across the subjects of societal change, individual behavioral change, animal ethics, and nutrition. In addition, he spends much of his free time studying debates, ethics, environmental science, and nutrition that relates to animal agriculture.

Vegan Evan

Youth Ambassador

VeganEvan is a passionate and talented young animal advocate committed to creating a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world. He is President & Spokesperson for Animal Hero Kids and also a spokesperson for the Solutionary Species movement. VeganEvan has spoken in front of large audiences at several major events throughout the country including the What the Health-Cowspiracy Conference, Central Florida Earth Day, the Animal Liberation Conference, Tampa Bay VegFest, the National Animal Rights Conference, Asheville Vegan Fest, VegFest Oahu, and many more!!  He has been awarded the Russell Simmons Creative Animal Hero Kids Award, and in 2016, he earned PETA’s Cutest Vegan Kid award.  More recently he was awarded the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion from the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association. VeganEvan is a voice for the animals everywhere he goes! He enjoys leafleting, protesting, doing marches, Open Rescue, disruptions, and making videos and rap songs! Evan also participates in Anonymous for the Voiceless Cubes of Truth and Vigils with the Save Movement wherever he travels. Most of all, he loves visiting all of his rescued friends at the sanctuaries where they are happy, safe and free from harm.


Dr. Michael Klaper

Consulting Physician

Michael A. Klaper, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago.  He received postgraduate training in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, and orthopedics at University of British Columbia teaching hospitals in Vancouver and obstetrics at the University of California at San Francisco. He has practiced acute care medicine in Hawaii, Canada, California, Florida and New Zealand and for the past 35 years us been focusing upon health-promoting food and lifestyle choices to help prevent the need for hospitalization and surgery.

A long-time radio host and a pilot, Dr. Klaper has served as nutrition advisor to NASA’s programs for space colonists on the Moon and Mars. He makes the latest information on health and nutrition available through his website, DoctorKlaper.com, where visitors can find the latest nutrition information through his numerous articles and videos, subscribe to his free newsletter, “Medicine Capsule” and support his “Moving Medicine Forward” Initiative to get applied nutrition taught in medical schools.

Dr. Nitu Bajekal

Consulting Physician​

Dr Nitu Bajekal, MD is a Senior Consultant ObGyn in the UK with over 30 years of clinical experience. She is a Fellow of the Royal College and recipient of the Indian President’s Gold medal.

She is one of the first US board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians in the UK. She has written the women’s health module for the first UK University based plant based nutrition course. 

She is the founder of Women for Women’s Health, a voluntary service set up to educate, energise and empower women to make lifestyle choices to help improve their own and their families’ health.

Dr Bajekal is passionate about educating women, providing reliable medical and lifestyle information for the general public, doctors, workplaces and schools. 

She is a committed vegan, personally benefiting from this lifestyle.

Dr. Rajiv Bajekal

Consulting Physician

Mr Rajiv Bajekal is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon with an interest in spinal surgery.

He was appointed Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in 1998 and has been working in London at the Royal Free London NHS foundation Trust since 2002. He has published widely and lectures Nationally and Internationally besides being a Senior examiner for the FRCS Orthopaedics.

In 2016 he had some personal health problems and had put on a lot of weight with time in the UK. He and his wife researched diet and nutrition and he embarked on a way of living a healthier life with compassion and care for the environment. In the process, he lost 25 kg of weight, reversed his prediabetes and found a new zest for helping patients live a healthier life,

He decided to study lifestyle medicine as a lot of the disorders affecting people nowadays are lifestyle related and he and his wife (Consultant Gynaecologist) both studied and passed the Diploma examination in Lifestyle Medicine conducted by the American board of lifestyle medicine, He and his wife Nitu are now certified lifestyle medicine practitioners with a Diploma from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine- by far his proudest achievement.

Lifesyle medicine is a relatively new approach to the management of chronic diseases as a result of widespread recognition that conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes etc. are totally preventable and can be reversed or ‘cured’ by changes in lifestyle, because they are in fact caused largely by lifestyle especially dietary excesses.

There is little doubt that conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac problems, Eczema, Asthma, Alzheimer’s disease and indeed even a lot of Cancers are related to lifestyle of the patient. Until now, these were often blamed on ‘bad genes’ or unavoidable.

While the ill effects of smoking, overuse of alcohol, stress and lack of sleep are more clearly accepted by patients, they are often sensitive about their diet and most believe they have a ‘healthy diet’, based on what they have read.

Chronic health conditions cannot be managed purely by medication. That is a very naïve way of looking at it. Real change though must come from the patient. A lifestyle medicine practitioner is trained to give guidance, motivate, monitor change and assist the patient in a quest for better health. He and his wife now practice medicine hoslistically- looking at the causes and prevention of chronic illness while at the same time treating problems. They also lecture on lifestyle medicine and prevention of long term ill health.

Mary Ann Parsons

Environmental Consultant

Mary Ann is the co-founder of SWFL Veg Fest in 2017, and has been the Project Manager for the past 3 Festivals. Before retirement, Mary Ann was a Manager at Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, has a degree in teaching and an MBA. She is currently a Lee County Master Gardener and teaches the University of Florida’s program “Florida Yards & Neighborhoods” – environmentally friendly landscaping. She founded the group “SWAG” (Safe Water Advocacy Group) which is working with the City of Cape Coral, Florida. She is a certified instructor for CHIP – Complete Health Improvement program She promotes veg*ism for human health, for the planet, and because it’s one of the most effective ways to help animals.

Carey Ralston

Consulting Chef

Founder of Hallway Stories. Advocates for feeling good. Believes that when we feel good we experience more in life and when we experience more in life we share more with others and when we share more with others from a place of feeling good then we inspire, empower and become the light! 

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