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Intentional Communities + Eco Villages

La Casa Mas Alta TINY HOME Short & Long Term Rental

These Private 100% Vegan Communities bring you into the future of human living TODAY!

Terra Frutis

A homesteading intentional community

We envision a shared future of creating a fruit forest while reducing harm to plant and animal life. Our aim is to influence, educate, and be a functional example for the world, showing how to provide for one’s own basic needs. We seek independence and relief from fiat-based economies and hierarchical structures through the cultivation of a decentralised, friendly, and compassionate environment. Striving towards self-improvement in our communication and total health, we choose to appreciate the abundance and enjoy life.

JOIN US for the annual Amazon Fruit Festival in mid January! This fully raw vegan event features all you can eat raw vegan prepared food meals! More info @

Our Home Is Complete!

La Casa Mas Alta

Our Tiny Home, La Casa Mas Alta, in the Amazon Rainforest region of southeast Ecuador is now available FOR RENT! Located in the food growing permaculture community of Terra Frutis. This house is now for available for a Very Low Rate for a short-term (like Airbnb) or long-term lease. We have year-round growing with 12 hours of sunlight and constant temperatures. Utilities included in rent: high-speed internet, water, and grid electric. The home has a clay tile roof for peaceful sleep on a rainy night.  To find out more, you can visit or email

Book on Airbnb directly @

Watch the entire building / construction process of our “La Casa Mas Alta” Tiny Home!

Fruit Haven Eco Village

At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we are creating a sustainable eco-village and a functioning permaculture fruit farm. We hope to inspire local farmers to see fruit production as a profitable endeavor; an alternative to deforestation and cattle grazing.

We own the FH9 farm and will be selling personal lots soon.