Cape Coral | Music

move with the music

There’s nothing better than some good tunes while you’re enjoying your best plant based life. Check out the music featured at this fest below. 

The Blue Gators

Watching the Blue Gators play is a musical journey. While some songs may have a similar feel each song is unique. This is a multi-genre band that includes Blues, Classic Rock, Funk, Americana and Latin Fusion in their mix. Joe Scherben brings his love for music to the lineup and you can hear the different influences from his favorite artists including Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Jethro Tull and Eric Clapton. He and his wife Kalena have played together in a number of different groups over the years but with this band they have allowed their creativity to take the stage. Collaborating with Patrick Russell on drums the group creates a familiar but fresh mix of songs that are easy to love.

Eduardo Parada

Hailing from the group Opposite States, Eduardo brings Rock and Jazz to the table with an instrumental twist. Blues and funk guitar accompanied by a backing tracks.